Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Orchids - beatitude #9

As everyone should know The Orchids were one of the key bands on Sarah and among the best of the tweepop C86 movement of the early 90s. Then they went away in the mid-1990s... and came back in the late 2000s and this is their third album since their return. And its exactly how you would imagine it, largely the same sonic ground as covered on their last few releases (sweet indie pop thats a friend of electronics) but so well done and refined that this album is a sure fire treat.

Highlights include the incessant "Somethings going on" with its delicious chorus, the perfect pop of "She's just a girl", the electro-pop funk thrill of "Someone like you", the electro throb pop of "Today's the day". Its a great album and despite the passage of time i get the same thrill from this as i did from "Striving for the lazy perfection" so many years ago...

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