Sunday, May 10, 2015

Leonard Cohen - i'm your man

Leonard Cohen's 8th studio album from 1988 and at times very strange it is too, an unexpected synth heavy sound and oodles of weirdness and wonder, but that just makes it quite brilliant to be honest. The opener "First we'll take Manhattan..." is a superb slab of synth-y weirdness with added crypto-fascist imagery. Top of the oddness chart though is "Jazz police" with its chorus taken from the original Star Trek theme (or sounds like it anyway). These songs are odd but very compelling.

Then there is the beauty of "I can't forget" and "Ain't no cure for love". The lyrics are, as you would expect, first class casting an eye over the world with cynicism and mischief. Its a highly accomplished and enjoyable album. Its of its time but also timeless, a trick only someone of Cohen's stature could pull off.

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