Thursday, September 3, 2015

Movie : Snake Eater (1989)

I am willing to bet Snake Eater, a 1989 action movie starring Lorenzo Lamas, did not see much of a cinema release. It has all the hallmarks of a good old straight to video flick, the kind of low budget nonsense that made the 80s such a "highpoint" of movie trash. The movie itself is a typical revenge movie. Lamas plays an ex-Marine and cop whose parents are killed by some backwoods inbred hicks for some reason which is never explained. Maybe they are just eeeeevil. He goes into the woods to kill the hicks and rescue his kid sister who spends most of the movie trapped in a shack being threatened with sexual violence.

Its gory and violent, Lamas himself is a rather annoying kind of hero who plays dirty. He is also supposed to be formerly of an elite US Marine unit though makes heavy weather at times dealing with the hicks. But there are moments of real hilarity, especially involving motorbikes. There is also a lot of really really bad acting.

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