Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Class Actress - journal of ardency

Now and then in your life you come across a band or artist who change totally your outlook on music, they lead you down new alleyways, to explore a new soundscape. A few years Class Actress reintroduced me to synth pop, neo-synth pop natch.

Class Actress obviously believed musical development peaked around 1982, this debut EP is all early synths and retro beats. Singer Elizabeth Harper cuts through the 80s noise with vocals of pure sex. "Journal of ardency" is the highlight, a roller coaster of a track, writhing and surging with an electro beat but led by Harper's sultry vocals.

"Careful what you say" is another classic, with some spacey synths. "Something real" is a little more experimental as if the keyboards have taken a life of their own in some 80s sci-fi horror but with a hard electric beat

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