Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lazy Lorelei / Onward Chariots

Dufflecoat Records deserve only our never ending praise for their split single series. In case you are not familiar with them 2 bands from different parts of the world are bought together for 2 songs each, this edition in the series brings together the Philippines' Lazy Lorelei and the US' Onward Chariots.

Lazy Lorelei are kind of laid-back and present somewhat wistful and twee guitar pop. "Pop song" is quite good though probably could do with a little more bite. The wonderfully titled "Y" is a slower more atmospheric song with some nice reverb effects and a bit of a bluesy feel.

Onward Chariots have a rather different sound (which is one reason these split singles work so well), they sound like they like The Smiths. "I found me" drives on with some nice jangly guitar and psychedelic keyboards. "Seven miles" is a sweet little pop song and maybe the best on this EP with its retro rock and roll guitar riffs. So there you go, another winning excursion into the globalised world of modern C86!

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