Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bob Dylan - together through life

Bob Dylan's 33rd studio album no less, and a well-received document showcasing the latter Bob Dylan. His voice has long gone of course but it doesn't really matter. The backing is simple, rootsy and easy. It takes elements from pre-rock and roll popular music, something Bob has increasingly drawn upon in latter years (though of course this has its roots (ahem) back with his late 60s experiments in country rock). The music sounds simultaneously out-of-time and timeless.

Most songs are co-written with the Grateful Dead's Robert Hunter and highlights include the moody boogie romp of "Beyond here lies nothing" and the skanky blues of "My wife's home town". The accordion led "This dream of you" is also great fun. It won't go down as one of Bob's best albums but as a document of new material from a rock elder statesman its pretty decent.

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