Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hyperbubble + Manda Rin EP (Pure Pop For Now People)

Hyperbubble and Manda Rin team up on this EP released on Pure Pop For Now People, you can only expect a riot of lo-fi electronic pure pop right? In fact its death metal... no just kidding. Its light and fantastic, bleepy and breezy and most of all its fun!

The electronics are fantastic, sounding like early Depeche Mode at one stage then sounding like a microwave gone crazy the next. "Hello heaven operator" also has a real new wave 80s vibe with a  frenetic electric beat. "In the movies" at the start sounds like the boss level on a bad ass SNES game you never knew. Even a slight darkness to the electronic beat, but only slight. At the heart of every song on this EP is a pop sweetness so high your teeth would probably melt if you ate the CD. So its best to listen to it, it would be bad for your diet anyway.
"Kamikaze coma" is my favourite track on the EP, a little slinky and carefree melody wise and is a great pop song, with added electro madness. Finally we must mention the manic "Attack of the 3-D space kittens", which sounds like every video game console in the world gone crazy at the same time, due to some kind of Star Trek-esque spacial anomaly no doubt.

Its the most poptastic record you will hear for a long time. Probably the most kitsch as well (but in a good way), and as a sugar filled pop rush its pretty hard to beat.

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