Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Family Gotown - box EP

Family Gotown never really made it big (even in British indie terms) and just released a couple of EPs in the early 1990s of which this is one. Why didn't they make it? Maybe they were just too similar to other bands from the time, and the title track of this EP maybe illustrates that perfectly. It has a bit of indie beat, jingle jangle guitar, 60s keyboards and a high energy neo-psychedelic melody complete with ringing vocals. A pretty decent even great song actually but not that unique.

"Don't fade away" has a great singalong chorus especially towards the end when the grinding guitars kick in and it all gets a bit spacey. Sort of song that would go down a storm in a university indie disco, it all makes me a bit nostalgic. "Up not down" is a bit of a neo-mod stomp. "Can't stop the tide" is a bit basic rock pop moving into big energy chime-a-matic indie rock but has a bit of feedback thrown in to add to the fun.

You know this is a pretty great EP, maybe they are largely forgotten now but at least they released a decent record, some much more famous bands never managed that.

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