Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Bordellos - Ronco revival sound (Daddy Tank)

The Bordellos it is said exist outside of current musical trends, so i liked them already before i even began to listen to their album. The title track is a lo-fi stomp through the musical landscape harking back to the musical past of Lennon, Elvis and er.. Glitter. A nostalgic jaunt clothed in noise and the unexpected, and thats just the start of the unusual journey through pop this album takes you on. "Tattoo heart" is a garage-y thrash as is the "Kinky dee" which indeed is a tribute to garage rock and a fine ramble it is too.

"Deborah" has an urgent quality to its acoustic backing. A very underground 60s sound that threatens to go off the rails a few times but manages to get to the end. "Fruitcakes" takes us on an experimental lo-fi noise journey, its laid back and terrifying at the same time.

"Temperature drop" takes us into Wake-like synth-pop territory, a haunting low-key song. Beautiful in its fragility and simplicity. On an album of unexpected twists and turns this was the best. You don't have to fit in, acres of indie landfill have made that mistake. Choose individuality, choose a proper alternative, choose The Bordellos!

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