Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Kensingtons - black flag parade (Dufflecoat)

Ah some good old indie pop thrash, fuzzy and noisy mixed into some lovely pop grooves. "The ground came up to meet us" and some pleasingly retro vibe to it. The title track is jingly jangley and has some lovely guitar to push along a very Sarah-esque pop song. Like all the best songs you can hear the influences but they are put together to produce something new and lovely.

"I wonder what she's doing now" is a bit more low-key but thumps along, great chorus too. "Ray of fucking sunshine" brings the tempo down a bit from the pop thrash thats gone on before. Beautiful pianos and a breathy vocal track. "Groovy little thing" sounds a bit Gentle Despite at the start with some gorgeous sounds. Indie pop at its finest you know? Finally "This town" concludes the indiepop thrills with a driving track at times atmospheric epic and at others a wall of chainsaw guitars. Absolutely fabulous EP.

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