Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sound Is Lov - shipwrecks

The debut EP from this new shoegazey band and very fine it is too, coming at the sweeter lusher more refined end of the spectrum than harsh noise and doing that so well.  There are some great indie pop noises that waft over you on "And don't believe" and "Take me with you". The EP includes some contributions from former Smashing Pumpkins members and i detect some influences here and there perhaps especially from their earlier songs (which i think was their best period to be honest so this is a really good thing).

"Not good enough" is a blissful smash of a track and along with "Love FM" is a well structured song and a bit of a minor epic. Favourite track though is "And don't believe" with its tasty guitar and feedback drenched melody. A really great debut.

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