Friday, October 7, 2011

Hyperbubble - candy apple daydreams

Hyperbubble are an amazing band, a synth pop duo who are closer to early 80s new wave than the new romantics. A band who infuse their music with a barrage of pop culture references, retro electronic riffs and most of all: humour. Hyperbubble's album is that rare thing, a serious album full of comedy. Thus you can take it seriously and have a laugh. Its also incredibly modern despite the retro riffs, sounds and samples.

This is their third full-length album from 2010 and includes songs which bought them to the attention of the masses here in the UK such as "Supermarket casanova". One of my favourite tracks on here though is "Mind the gap" with its London Underground samples over a delicious tinky bop beat. Another fabulous track is "Chop shop cop" which reminds me of the Headless Chickens with its indie dance samplethon.

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