Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Onward Chariots - this is my confession

US indie pop band Onward Chariots release this new album early in 2013 which has 16 tracks on the theme of doomed love. The styles and sounds are highly varied, for example "This is my confession I" has a great psychedelic feel that at times sounds like it come off out of a vault of lost 60s classics while "I just met a girl" has an infectious bubble pop shuffly melody. "Sisters and brothers" starts off a bit 70s prog rock before moving into a slinky pop beat.

So the styles are all over the place but they are unified by great melodies and pop energy, a great example of the latter being the pacey guitar pop of "I want everything". "Get me out of this party" has an 80s electro-pop feel and a great title for a song. "When you're smiling" is one of my favourite tracks on the album with its sweet indie pop feel and psychedelic flourishes. The folky pop "You don't have to be unhappy" is also lovely with its added brass, adding that perfect little extra to finish the song off.

An album with some many styles could be a problem but this one isn't. Instead of jarring its a great pop journey and is glorious all the way through!

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