Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hello everyone: Popsike Sparks from Denmark Street 1968-1970

Just when you think every last rarity and obscure gem from the late 60s has been mined then up pops another collection of bands you've never heard of. This collects together from the Spark label who released obscure psychedelic singles in the late 60s and as with many compilations of its type it comes with a lovely thick booklet of history, photos and cover artworks.

The compilation starts off with the terrifically named Sir Ching I's "hello everyone", a perfectly fine slice of late 60s pop. Other bands featured on this 27 track compilation include The New Generation whose "Sadie and her magic Mr Galahad" takes you on a joyful sunshine pop journey. The Fruit Machine's "follow me" is a funky piece of driving pop complete with drums that sound like dustbins... who knows maybe they were.

Simon De Lacy's "baby come back to me" is a mix of late 60s psychedelia and classic pop, whimsy and harmonies in abundance. Not all of the artists on the compilation are obscure or largely unheard of, also included are a couple of songs by... Eartha Kitt! These songs are wonderfully weird. More star power is provided by Icarus however... who included Fraser Hines (then in Dr Who as Jamie) and his brother. Icarus' progress was arrested when both Hines started to appear in the time travelling show. Icarus' songs are a bit pedestrian maybe but certainly worth listening to.

So a mixed bag, but a great mixed bag. Some great songs to enjoy and more obscure British psychedelia to bring into the light.

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